Togo is a secure logistics and finance hub in the midst of a complete digital transformation and on its way to becoming a regional leader in cybersecurity

Due to its strategic location and membership in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA), Togo is the ideal gateway to the booming West African market, which covers a population of 350 million with rising incomes. In addition to being a regional logistics hub with one of the largest ports in West Africa, Togo is also a hub for economic trade (the Lomé market has international reach) and a financial hub. A number of leading regional and pan-African financial institutions have decided to set up their headquarters in the country (namely Ecobank and Oragroup).

Over the past 10 years, Togo has invested heavily to develop first-rate infrastructure. The nation has also implemented structural reforms to support the development of the digital economy, by improving and completing the legislative and regulatory framework for Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), which now encompasses cyber security, the fight against cyber crime and personal data protection. The National Cyber Security Agency (ANCy) was also created.

Togo is a regional leader in cyber security and contributes actively and positively to the international cyber security community. As the operational instrument driving this movement, the Cyber Defense Africa (CDA) is a joint venture resulting from a public-private partnership (PPP) between the Togolese Republic and Asseco Data Systems (ADS), a European IT leader. CDA provides advanced cyber security services from its Security Operation Centre (SOC) in Lomé not only for critical Togolese service operators, but also for other clients and outside Togo. CDA also manages, the national Computer Emergency Response Team that handles all cyber security incidents. In this capacity, actively collaborates with other national CERTs, as well as with international organisations of CERTs.


Financial hub

Logistics hub

Technology hub


Personal Data Protection

Maturity of the judicial system in dealing with new cyber offences and cyber crimes

Emergence of countries on the forefront of cyber security, in particular Togo, which is a regional leader in cyber security (PPP implemented, creating an ecosystem and direct jobs (at CDA) and indirect jobs (at CDA clients) for cyber security experts.

Protection of the country’s critical infrastructure against malware attacks

Effectiveness of services used to detect and deter cyber crime and hybrid (including terrorist) activities and espionage

Key industry figures

Share of the digital economy in Sub-Saharan Africa


Percentage of African companies that discuss cyber security issues at their executive committee meetings, versus 50% globally

Size of the cybersecurity market in Africa


Percentage of phishing attacks out of all attacks on African companies